I’m so glad you’re here.

Four years ago I came to Gospel Center with my family to serve as pastor. During these years, the Lord has brought new individuals and families to our congregation.  He has blessed us with a wonderful and growing staff. Today, I am excited about what God has done, is doing, and will do at Gospel Center.

Just like God gave every human being a unique fingerprint, so He has given each congregation unique characteristics.  We are a multi-generational church. So, we have kids and senior citizens. Our worship includes new songs and old hymns.  We are a strategic church. Our church was started in the River Park district of South Bend, and while our congregation comes from all different parts of Michiana, we have chosen to be committed to this community.  This brings challenges, but it also brings a mission field that God has called us to serve and reach. Finally, we are Bible enthusiast. Every Christian church believes the Bible is the Word of God, but we feel called to emphasize the importance of Scripture through specific Bible reading, teaching, and preaching.

Our identity is simple.  We want to be fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ.  Our mission is clear. We want to make Jesus known in the neighborhoods of River Park, Michiana and the world.  Our message is singular - the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I invite you to be our guest for worship this Sunday morning beginning at 10:15.  We would be honored to have you join us. See you soon!

God Bless,

Pastor Jon

what can I expect?


You will be greeted at the door by one of our friendly volunteers.  They can help you find your way around and take care any needs you might have.  Feel free to utilize their assistance or simply come, sit, and worship with us.

What to wear...

You will see it all at Gospel Center.  T-shirts to ties, shorts to slacks, shoes to sandals... we have it all.  Most guys come dressed in a polo or button up shirt and the ladies wear dresses or slacks.  Feel free to come however you might feel most comfortable.

What about music?

You will hear both new and old songs written to help in your worship experience. We sing classic hymns like All Creatures of our God and King written in the 1200s all the way to songs like Death was Arrested which has become popular this year.  Our goal is to sing passionately as a congregation to give God all the praise and glory we can give him.  

How about children?

Your children are welcome to stay with you during the service.  We do offer care for children 2-3 years old for the entire service and a children's worship time which dismisses just before the sermon.  You can check out our children's page here.

Do I need to bring money?

Nope.  We have a collection time during the service where regular attenders at Gospel Center worship by giving to God a financial offering.  As a guest, you are by no means expected or obligated to give.

What do you teach?

Simply put - the Bible.  All teachings are Bible based and are usually an exploration of a section or book of the Bible.  Whether it is one of the Gospels, a letter from Paul, or the Old Testament, we believe the Bible is God's word which speaks Truth for our lives today.

What does your church believe?

You can find more info about our churches beliefs by clicking here.